Mobile Games

Nowadays, the technology is gone so far, that we cannot imagine our lives without some particular gadgets, devices. And we would not even question what I would do if I did not have this or that device. There is no an answer or a solution for this doubtful question. Just the fact, we need to have it to be able to exist and live in the new world, full of modern technologies. This statement first of all addressed to the mobile devices. How would the life be without the mobile? Different, absolutely different. But we have the mobiles, and it makes our lives more progressive, so let’s use all features of these gadgets. Of course, here I am going to talk about mobile casino games.

Mobile Innovation

Somewhere 20 years ago, to be able to play casino slots, the player needed to go out from his house and go to the casino, if he was lucky, the casino was in his city, he did not drive long. But imagine, if the casino was situated in another city, or even country. I assume, that in this situation the willing to enjoy playing the slots or table games would disappear quickly. That time PCs has started to become more and more popular, it was not something luxury anymore to have a PC, later a laptop at home, it became a usual furniture item. And then, one of the game providers launched a first online casino game. Initially, the player could enjoy playing after downloading this game in the form of the application on his PC. After years, the popular online games became available as flash games, i.e. the need of the downloading first has vanished. Players could easily register with the online casino and play for their pleasure. What else the player could wish of? But as we know the technology never stops in its development. There has aroused the demand in possibility to enjoy popular online games on mobile casino. This development went the same way as the first online games, i.e. initially there were applications, downloading on the mobile devices and the player could enjoy it by paying a certain amount of money for the application. In 2011, the market has changed, new mobile games have been launched. The players could enjoy some of the games on their mobile devices.

Amatic was not an exception in the evolution of popular online games on the PC and later on the mobile devices. The development of mobile casino went through similar steps in Amatic History. Initially, the applications of some online slots were launched for PC, with the downloading function, but after couple of years all land-based existing slots have been recreated into online games at once. Moreover, in 2010, Amatic Casino presented its first mobile casino application “Billy’s Gang” on the mobile devices, which was available just on iTunes. The players were required to buy this application and afterwards they could enjoy the slot, but there was not a possibility to play the game with the real money. Amatic always focuses on meeting the demands from the public. Therefore, the development of online games, the exact copies of land-based slots machines, went by intensive and more efficient way. The designers and the developers, with the help of a special software, have created the games the way, which allows to play popular online games on any devices. It means that at once Amatic has launched not only 43 online games for PC, but also 43 games for Mobile Casino. These games are available on Android, iOS and Microsoft mobile software, i.e. with Amatic you can play on any mobile device. Mobile Casino is a great creation by the Amatic developers, because the casino operators, using Amatic software, do not need to apply any extra adjustments to the popular online games. They need to install the software once, and the player will be able to enjoy playing it on any of the casino platforms.

Another important task for the developers was to save all features of popular online games, graphics, sound and speed. And they successfully coped with this task. When you start playing Amatic Mobile Casino, you will not feel and see any differences between mobile games and land-based casino slots. The graphics are stunning, the quality of the sound is unique and the speed of the game has not changed at all, it spins at the same pace. Sitting on the sofa in your living room, holding the mobile or the tablet, playing Amatic mobile casino will give you a feeling of the land-based casino environment, fulfil with the noise from the slots machines and taste of big prizes, but all of it at your comfort zone.

Mobile Game categories

Amatic Mobile casino is presented by three main different categories: Amatic slots, Amatic table games and Amatic video poker. The player always can find the game, which will fit his gaming tastes. The popular online games are developed in two directions, one is the classic version of the slots, including fruits and sevens, but it is filled with different additional features, giving the players more opportunities to increase their luck in the winnings. Second direction is the various themed slots, using modern graphic tools and special sound programs, the developers succeed in creation of the vast variety of playing environments, such as, Egyptian world, world of magic and witches or crazy underwater world. These techniques dipped the players in the new worlds, bringing more amusement and fun into the games.

Mobile casino has been a new direction of the gaming market. The players can enjoy the online casino, not depending where they are, at home, at the airport, hotel or in the queue in the supermarket. When the player feels to enjoy playing the popular online games, he does not have any limitations in it. Most probably in a couple of years, the popularity of Mobile casino would sound as an antique, old school. But today, it becomes more and more favoured among the public. Amatic is very successful in this business area, the launch of a new online game, accompanied with the launch of its mobile version without any extra efforts. Most of the game providers can just dream about this amazing feature, as for them it costs double efforts to launch a new mobile casino game.