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Firstly all players should know that when you visit our site we are not part of Amatic Industries, we are here to offer layers information on the sites that they visit and the games that are provided by Amatic Industries. We will help to give players all the information that they would like to know, we will aim high to ensure that all players that visit our site find all the benefits that they can to ensure you a better time when you plat at an online casino that provides the Amatic Industries software. This website should not be copied at any time, yo will need the permission of Amaticcasinos.com for any of this. Amatic Casinos wish to give you all of the latest and best news and information possible, when you visit our site we hope that you have found all of the information that you need in order to get a more secure game. Although we have made the best attempts to provide players with the best information we can, we will not guarantee that this is all accurate and we are not responsible for any errors that may occur.At Amatic Casinos we will also provide players with certain online casinos that will provide the games from Amatic, we ensure you that each online casino that we introduce to you has fair gaming, fair terms and conditions and will show players a good and fair bonus. we also like to make sure that the casinos that are offered to players will offer some great customer service and will provide service and help with any problem gambling that may occur.

You must remember that Amatic Casinos is not an online casino itself, this means that you can not deposit any money to our site, we are her purely for advertisement of places where you will be able to deposit and play on the online games.
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– Amaticcasinos.com can not guarantee all currencies that a casino will offer to players, or about any promotion that will be advertised at your online casino.

Although we will try to keep players well updated, the online casinos that we advertise can change there bonuses at any time so although we like to keep you with the information yo can always have a final check with the casino you have chosen to play at to check that the bonus is still accurate, as you know online casinos are constantly updating so we cannot guarantee that the bonuses that we advertise will constantly be accurate. At Amatic Casino we make not warranties against the fact of possible bugs or viruses that may come from the software provided. So we will not take any responsibility for any damage that may be caused to your personal devices, that may be caused by the software provider. While the free games we provide here at Amatic Casino are there for anybody to play, we would prefer that only players of the age of 18 and over do play on the free games provided.

If you are of a younger age and decide that you do want to make real deposits at an online casino, then you will need to be at the age of 18 or over. Before you do decide to register an account at an online casino that we list here, please be sure to check that the laws regarding online gaming are legal in your city or country. Please be sure to check that the city and or country that you live in does have the right laws when it comes to playing. When players o decide to play for real money at an online casino that we advertise, please keep aware that Amaticcasino.com will not take responsibility for any loss that you may have. When you decide to deposit there is always the chance that you can loose, we are here only to provide advertisement and we will not take any responsibility for losses at casinos seen through any reviews or advertising at our site. We still like to let players know that they should play responsibly, you should always have a safe play and stay within your limits when you do decide to deposit and play.

If you do choose to register at an online casino that we advertise here, we wish that you would respect the rules of the chosen casino. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of our site, then please do not use our website.